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Cider to Nakimushi. - KissManga

Cider to Nakimushi.

Also name: サイダーと泣き虫。, Cider and Crybaby
Genre(s): Comedy , Drama , Romance , Slice Of Life , Yuri
Views: 1,005
Available Chapters
Cider to Nakimushi. 7 : Just waiting for Spring / Summer ends
Cider to Nakimushi. 6 : Cinderella
Cider to Nakimushi. 5 : The Bamboo and the Tiger
Cider to Nakimushi. 4 : Welcome to the Occult Research Society! [yonkoma]
Cider to Nakimushi. 3 : The secret door that fleetingly opens
Cider to Nakimushi. 2 : A dead-end, after all
Cider to Nakimushi. 1 : Gold star, happy end
A collection of short doujin stories by Canno. All slightly romantic, with open endings. −Gold star, happy end −A dead-end, after all −The secret door that fleetingly opens −Welcome to the Occult Research Society! −The bamboo and the tiger −Cinderella −Just waiting for spring −Summer ends
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