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Ib - 10 Nengo Mousou (Doujinshi) - KissManga

Ib - 10 Nengo Mousou (Doujinshi)

Also name: Ib - 10年後妄想; Ib dj - 10 Años Despues; Ib dj - 10 Nengo Mousou; Ib dj - 10 years after
Genre(s): Doujinshi , Drama , Romance
Views: 150
Available Chapters
Ib - 10 Nengo Mousou (Doujinshi) Vol.001 Ch.000 Read Online
the story is set 10 years after the events in the museum with the ending: "Promise of Reunion" it's the sequel of the "5 years after" story based on "Ib" a really popular survival horror game made with RPG Maker. note: do not upload to other sites without the proper credits to the author's pixiv
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