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Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo - KissManga

Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo

Also name: たとえ灰になっても, 即使化作灰烬, Though You may Burn to Ash
Genre(s): Drama , Gender Bender , Horror , Mature , Mystery , Psychological , Seinen , Supernatural
Views: 1,040
Available Chapters
Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo 8 : Cross my heart and hope to die...
Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo 7 : As one door closes, another opens
Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo 6 : The humans who should live and the humans who must die
Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo 5 : Now I've become death, the destroyer of worlds.
Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo 4 : Body, Soul, Transient Life.
Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo 3 : Forbidden Game
Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo 2 : Wishes, delusions...
Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo 1 : Money is the key that opens all doors
From MangaHelpers For his beloved younger sister's treatment, Shinomiya Ryouma is working frantically to raise a billion yen while going to high school. One day, a mysterious woman asks him, "Can you put your life on the line for what you desire?" and after receiving a ticket from her, an accident befalls him! When he wakes up, he finds he's turned into a girl and what's more, he's participating in a "game" where a win means he can reverse his fate but a loss means he'll die instantly! (Euthrosyne) 
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